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YOMEI is a personalized experience tailored to YOUR goals and overall personal wellness needs.

YOMEI was created on the premise that whole-person wellness leads to a balanced and fulfilled life. Whether you desire 1-on-1 yoga,  mindfulness and meditation practice guidance,  or have an interest in improving your  Emotional Intelligence, YOMEI Studio will meet your needs.

YOMEI Helps With

Low self-esteem, self-worth

High levels of stress, exhaustion 

Physical changes; illness recovery; menopause; mid-life confusion

Suffering from depression; lack of motivation; relationship issues

Love yoga but not a studio; desire proper alignment?

Recovering from addiction; traumatic experience; 

Personalized Yoga Services

Learning about YOMEI - Learning about YOU

Yoga Services

One-on-One Yoga

YOMEI offers affordable one-on-one, personalized yoga instruction. Yoga can be intimidating in a studio setting when you are surrounded by advanced yogis, make your practice YOURS with personalized yoga in our home studio or yours.

Military & Educator

Discounts Available

2 / 1 Yoga

Do you and your spouse, relative, or friend want somewhere to practice together but don't want to go to a studio? 2/1 sessions offer the option to split the cost of a package and enjoy personalized sessions with one additional person.

*One 1-on-1 Yoga Session

  • One 1hr Session

  • Your Location

  • Personalized

  • Free Consultation

  • $40 (+travel if your location)

*Five 1-on-1 Yoga Sessions

  • Five 1hr Sessions

  • Your Location

  • Personalized

  • Free Consultation

  • $175

  • 12% Savings

*Ten 1-on-1
Yoga Sessions

  • Ten 1hr Sessions

  • Your Location

  • Personalized

  • Free Consultation

  • $340

  • 15% Savings

*Fifteen 1-on-1 Yoga Sessions

  • Fifteen 1hr Sessions

  • Your Location

  • Personalized

  • Free Consultation

  • $480

  • 20% Savings

*Packages of 10+ sessions must be used within a 3-month period from the date of purchase. 

**Packages less than 10 sessions must be used within a 2-month period from the date of purchase.

Cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled session for reschedule for a future date, otherwise, the session is forfeited.

When possible, sessions should be scheduled on the same day/time weekly.

No refunds.

See our Next Steps page for waiver and additional information.

Your location must accommodate a safe space to practice, this can be your gym, your home, or an outdoor location of your choosing.

Mindfulness Coaching

30 Session Maximum

Virtual and In-Person Sessions are Available


One 30-Minute Coaching Session

* Must be used within 3 months of Purchase

 $125                 $250

Five 30-Minute Mindful Coaching Sessions

Ten 30-Minute Mindful Coaching Sessions

* Must be used within 3 months of Purchase


Fifteen 30-Minute Mindful Coaching Sessions

* Must be used within 6 months of Purchase

Each session provides effective, practical, proven strategies to learn to be in the moment and handle everyday life stressors.

Life Coaching

Available in Person & Virtual

5 Session Package

Minimum Package Available

To be successful in life coaching, multiple sessions are required.  A minimum of 5 sessions is required for life-coaching with YOMEI. Consultations are required (phone, zoom, or in-person). Note that a life coach is not a professionally licensed practitioner and cannot treat mental health issues.

$250 for 5 one-hour Sessions 

Includes astrology chart and tools for self-care.

*Sessions must be completed within

60 Days of Payment

10 Session Package

Extended Discounted Plan Includes

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Get the same great service as the 5 session package with added Emotional Intelligence assessment and coaching at a discounted rate.

$400 for 10 one-hour sessions includes Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Astrological Birth Chart

* Sessions must be completed within

120 Days of Payment


The gift of Energy Healing is one I do not take lightly;
I learned that it is a gift that few truly have!

I am often asked:  WHAT IS AN ENERGY CLEANSE?

Through the healing power of the senses, I will take you on a journey to heal energy in your body that is holding you back from being your best self. Sound vibrations, visualizations, scents (essential oils), and the use of crystals absorb your energy and leave you with space to create and accept new, vibrant energies that serve your purpose. 
This is a powerful session that can be quite emotional. You must have a belief in the power of Universal. Energy, Spiritual Alignment of the self with the world, and the willingness to "let go."
A consultation is REQUIRED for an energy cleanse. The consultation can be virtual; however, I only offer in-person cleanses at my location in Alexandria, Virginia. The consultation will determine the type of cleansing that will serve you best; YOMEI is granted the first right of refusal to work with clients after the consultation.

    Energy Clearing 

  • Non-Touch Healing

  • Sage Cleanse

  • Use of Crystals

  • Visualizations

  • Affirmations

      Chakra Cleanse

  • Light-Touch Healing

  • Sage Cleanse

  • Use of Chakra-Specific Crystals

  • Chakra Specific Sound Vibrations

  • Chakra Specific Affirmations

   Sound Bath Cleanse​

  • Non-Touch Healing

  • Sage Cleanse

  • Use of Crystals

  • Singing Bowls

  • Vibrational Forks

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is the practice of using sound to improve physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It involves the use of various instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, and tuning forks to produce vibrations that can affect the body at a cellular level. Sound healing has been used for centuries in different cultures around the world and is now gaining popularity as an alternative therapy. It is a vibrational massage for your nervous system through the use of sound.

Every living thing has a frequency. Stresses of life can shift your frequency out of alignment. Singing bowls and other vibrational instruments help bring you back into harmony through the vibration they create. The various frequencies of the instruments remind your body of its optional functioning frequency and then try to set it back to that.


Simply put. sound healing is a meditative experience where those that attend are “bathed” in sound waves.


30 Minutes - $60

45 Minutes - $85

60 Minutes - $111

*All sessions are pre-paid at the time of scheduling, please review the cancellation policy

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