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Yoga by the Pool


Individualized Package Services

One-on-One Yoga Instruction

Energy Cleansing 

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Meditation / Mindfulness Coaching

Life & Relationship Coaching

Customized Package

(with any of the above)

Our Story


YOMEI Wellness is part of the overall YOMEI brand that is focused on personal, whole-body wellness. 


YOMEI is a personalized experience tailored to YOUR goals and overall personal wellness needs.

YOMEI was created on the premise that whole-person wellness leads to a balanced and fulfilled life. Whether you desire 1-on-1 yoga,  mindfulness and meditation practice guidance,  or have an interest in improving your  Emotional Intelligence, YOMEI Studio will meet your needs.

YOMEI Helps With

Low self-esteem, self-worth, high self-consciousness

High levels of stress, overworked, exhausted

Going through physical changes; recovering from illness; menopause; mid-life confusion

Suffering from depression; lack of motivation; relationship issues

Love yoga but hate the studio; have always wanted to try yoga but want it more personalized

Recovering from addiction; survived a traumatic experience; a military family member; suffering from loss of a loved one

Learning about YOMEI - Learning about YOU

Kerrie Houchens_Jan 2018.jpg

Kerrie Houchen, Instructor,
Purdue Global University

The YOMEI workshop was very helpful in making yoga/mindfulness more approachable, with a scientific backbone of one's Emotional Intelligence strengths/weaknesses. Very interesting!

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 12.41.24

Alex, Physical Therapist Clinical Supervisor

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the YOMEI workshop. I was able to self analyze my emotional intelligence, it brought to light aspects I was always slightly aware of but never took into consideration. By combining the emotional intelligence with yoga you have the mind-body connection, which is key in my opinion

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 12.27.57

Suzie Welstead,

Emotional Well-Being Coach

On the whole, I enjoyed the workshops as they were mindful and I love mindfulness. I Love all the elements to relax as well as writing and reflection. Yoga is not for me, but I did love that it was mindful and gentle, I didn't feel rushed or pressured. I found the whole experience to be supported, especially when I had a bit of a meltdown at the beginning - the support from Aprile was top class! I truly felt heard, seen and supported.

Benefits of completing the workshop:

  • Reduced Stress

  • Enhanced Focus

  • Strengthened Relationship​

  • Improved Motivation

  • Increased Compassion & Empathy

  • Strengthened Leadership

  • Enhanced Assertiveness

  • Much Much More...

ANONYMOUS (per request of client)-

It reaffirmed my strengths and how I need to trust myself. Being in tune with your mind and body is important for your overall health but certainly your thought process.

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