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Our Story


YOMEI Studio is part of the overall YOMEI brand that is focused on the personal growth of the individual rather than organizational growth. YOMEI You is a personalized experience tailored to YOUR learning desires and overall personal wellness needs.

YOMEI was created on the premise that whole-person wellness leads to a balanced and fulfilled life. Whether you desire 1-on-1 yoga instruction, practical mindfulness practices,  or would like emotional intelligence coaching, YOMEI Studio will meet your needs.

YOMEI Helps With

Low self-esteem, self-worth, high self-consciousness

High levels of stress, overworked, exhausted

Going through physical changes; recovering from illness; menopause; mid-life confusion

Want to try something new or different for your physical well-being while also enhancing your mental state

Suffering from depression; lack of motivation; relationship issues

Love yoga but hate the studio; have always wanted to try yoga but want it more personalized

Recovering from addiction; survived a traumatic experience; a military family member; suffering from loss of a loved one

Learning about YOMEI - Learning about YOU

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Kerrie Houchen, Instructor,

Purdue Global University

The YOMEI workshop was very helpful in making yoga/mindfulness more approachable, with a scientific backbone of one's Emotional Intelligence strengths/weaknesses. Very interesting!

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Alex, Physical Therapist Clinical Supervisor

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the YOMEI workshop. I was able to self analyze my emotional intelligence, it brought to light aspects I was always slightly aware of but never took into consideration. By combining the emotional intelligence with yoga you have the mind-body connection, which is key in my opinion

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Suzie Welstead,

Emotional Well-Being Coach

On the whole, I enjoyed the workshops as they were mindful and I love mindfulness. I Love all the elements to relax as well as writing and reflection. Yoga is not for me, but I did love that it was mindful and gentle, I didn't feel rushed or pressured. I found the whole experience to be supported, especially when I had a bit of a meltdown at the beginning - the support from Aprile was top class! I truly felt heard, seen and supported.

The YOMEI  Workshop is available Online

Your Learning; Your Time!

Benefits of completing the workshop:

  • Reduced Stress

  • Enhanced Focus

  • Strengthened Relationship​

  • Improved Motivation

  • Increased Compassion & Empathy

  • Strengthened Leadership

  • Enhanced Assertiveness

  • Much Much More...

Anonymous (per request of client)-

It reaffirmed my strengths and how I need to trust myself. Being in tune with your mind and body is important for your overall health but certainly your thought process.




Alexandria. VA

Click on the Podcast to learn more about what YOMEI has to offer!

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