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Below you will find information on the suggested schedules for workshop offerings based on location and organizational needs

Online Learning.

Online or Blended  Workshop Options 

Recommended for Social Distancing Measures

  • Due to Covid19 concerns, the YOMEI workshop is available online

  • Participants assigned by the organization

  • Discounted per-participant rate  (10+  participants)

  • Self-paced or live online sessions

  • Tailored to organizational needs

  • Highly recommended for those having difficult through times of change to virtual work environments

Local Workshop

Recommended for Education/ Military  / Corporate (5 - Week, 1.5 hr/Wk)

  • Local workshops take advantage of the time for participants to learn about their Emotional Intelligence skills while practicing mindful approaches and physical yoga practices.

  • The recommendation is a 5-week workshop offered directly before or after business hours, facilitated at the building of participants' organization. The workshop will be offered weekly on the same day and time of the week for 1.5 hours each (40 minutes for EI and Mindfulness, 45 minutes for yoga practice).

Example: K12 Teacher workshops being held in a classroom or the school gym 30 minutes after the end of the day; military facilities using a conference room or on-base group fitness room. Weather permitting, outdoor workshops would be a wonderful experience for participants.

Travel Workshop

Recommended for Corporate (5 Days - 1.5hr /day)

  • YOMEI is available for locations throughout the US and even internationally. The recommendation for workshops that require travel to a specific location is 5 days.

  • Each workshop will take place directly before or after work hours, OR during lunch hour.

  • The workshop will be offered on a daily basis for 1.5 hours each (40 minutes for EI and Mindfulness, 45-minute yoga practice)


Recommended for Studios, Fitness Centers, Conferences (Tailored to Organization)

  • This option is recommended for studios, retreats, and fitness centers who wish to bring the workshop to their facility.

  • Because this is a personalized option, decisions can be made as to the length of the workshop; however, it is recommended that local facilities take advantage of the 5-week option, rather than the 5 day 

  • Facilities that require travel would be best suited for a 5 day or 10-day workshop series. Retreat workshops can be tailored to the number of days the retreat is held

  • Workshops can also be tailored by removing one of the elements (Yoga, mindfulness, EI), though it is highly recommended that all three are used together

YOMEI also offers individual services such as one-on-one yoga and mindfulness instruction and Emotional Intelligence coaching. Please visit YOMEI_Wellness for more information.

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