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Find Your Strengths

Life Coaching

Available in Person & Virtual

5 Session Package

Minimum Package Available

To be successful in life coaching, multiple sessions are required.  A minimum of 5 sessions is required for life-coaching with YOMEI. Consultations are required (phone, zoom, or in-person). Note that a life coach is not a professionally licensed practitioner and cannot treat mental health issues.

$250 for 5 one-hour Sessions 

Includes astrology chart and tools for self-care.

*Sessions must be completed within

60 Days of Payment

10 Session Package

Extended Discounted Plan Includes

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Get the same great service as the 5 session package with added Emotional Intelligence assessment and coaching at a discounted rate.

$400 for 10 one-hour sessions includes Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Astrological Birth Chart

* Sessions must be completed within

120 Days of Payment

Emotional Intelligence Coaching +

Available in Person & Virtual


Introduction to Your Emotional Intelligence Skills

Take your EI assessment and learn your EI strengths and areas for development. Learn how to use your EI skills for personal, career, and professional success. Five 60 minutes sessions to include mindfulness practice and yoga session.

**Workshop Should be Completed in five consecutive weeks; however, you will have 60 days to complete the workshop

All life coach clients must have an initial, in-person consultation.  Consultations are required to ensure we are a good fit for each other.  I work primarily off of people's energy (aura), and I reserve the right to refuse to work with clients who are not a good fit for my services. As a client, you should also have an "interview" process for your coach to ensure they can deliver what you need for your self-improvement goals. Email to schedule a consultation. 

Kerrie Houchens_Jan 2018.jpg

Kerrie Houchen, Instructor,
Purdue Global University

The YOMEI workshop was very helpful in making yoga/mindfulness more approachable, with a scientific backbone of one's Emotional Intelligence strengths/weaknesses. Very interesting!

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 12.41.24

Alex, Physical Therapist Clinical Supervisor

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the YOMEI workshop. I was able to self analyze my emotional intelligence, it brought to light aspects I was always slightly aware of but never took into consideration. By combining the emotional intelligence with yoga you have the mind-body connection, which is key in my opinion

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 12.27.57

Suzie Welstead,

Emotional Well-Being Coach

On the whole, I enjoyed the workshops as they were mindful and I love mindfulness. I Love all the elements to relax as well as writing and reflection. Yoga is not for me, but I did love that it was mindful and gentle, I didn't feel rushed or pressured. I found the whole experience to be supported, especially when I had a bit of a meltdown at the beginning - the support from Aprile was top class! I truly felt heard, seen and supported.

ANONYMOUS (per request of client)-

It reaffirmed my strengths and how I need to trust myself. Being in tune with your mind and body is important for your overall health but certainly your thought process.

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