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Additional Workshops Offered

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YOMEI offers a variety of workshops for organizations, studios, and individuals interested in self-improvement. For individual services please visit YOMEI Wellness


Chakra Workshop for Enhanced Mindfulness


The Chakras associated with Yoga are the 7 energy channels of the spiritual body. An understanding of the role Chakras play in your physical, mental, and emotional self empowers you to balance your energies benefiting your life in many ways. Learn how to open, balance, and activate your chakras through mindful practices followed by a yoga class geared toward the Chakras explored each visit.

This workshop consists of 8 classes, the schedule will be determined by organizational needs. The suggested sequence is to hold 2 classes per week for 4 weeks for local entities, and 3 workshops covering 2-3 chakras per workshop for one week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for travel options. Workshop classes are 90 minutes each with 30-40 minutes of chakra exploration, and 45-60 minutes of yoga and meditation. This workshop is also available for small group and one-on-one practice as well.

Meditation for Beginners

Meditation for beginners introduces individuals to meditation allowing them to ease their way into the practice to make it part of their daily routine. Research has shown that daily meditative practices improve overall well-being contributing to success in personal and professional life, as well as improved relationships.

This workshop is offered in a small group setting in fitness centers, homes, or businesses with 5 workshop classes total. It is suggested that the workshop is held daily for one week, although the schedule can be tailored to the needs of the individual/organization.


YOMEI offers one-on-one yoga instruction, mindful meditation for beginners, and emotional intelligence coaching. The YOMEI workshop is also offered for one-on-one services.

Visit YOMEI Personal Wellness for More Details

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