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About the Founder

Aprile Giordano-Atwater, founder and creator of YOMEI, took multiple levels of education to create YOMEI. Because of her passion for whole-body wellness, Aprile found a way to incorporate her expertise in emotional intelligence (EI) with her passion for yoga and mindfulness.

It is Aprile's goal to change the lives of each participant in her research-derived workshops through the implementation of Yoga (movement for wellness), Mindfulness (being present in the moment), and Emotional Intelligence awareness (the ability to think constructively and act wisely).

Aprile's credentials include:

  • Ed.D. dissertation constructed on the theory of Transformative Emotional Intelligence.

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach through the Emotional Intelligence and Research Institute (EITRI) 

  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (RYT) with Yoga Goddess Academy

  • Mindfulness Certification accredited by Allegra Learning Solutions, LLC


As a career English teacher, Aprile Coached and mentored young adults on the positive benefits of understanding and applying their EI skills. She continues her education with ongoing training to learn valuable mind-body skills to support the health and healing of trauma survivors and those with life-altering experiences. Aprile's desire to serve the educational community, both K-12 and higher education, is evident in her creation of YOMEI.



Yoga for Mindful Emotional Intelligence (YOMEI) offers a unique approach to the average yoga workshop by incorporating mindful practices to enhance participants' Emotional Intelligence (EI) awareness and skills. The research-backed workshops intend to provide strategies for everyday mindful practices while incorporating EI skills to enhance professional and personal relationships. Each workshop is tailored to the specific audience based on the organization and communities they serve. Stress reduction, inner peace, happiness, and the ability to communicate effectively are just some of the many advantages of completing these workshops.

The workshops are constructed on the theory of Transformative Emotional Intelligence and Trait Mindfulness with a blend of Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga practices. Each workshop is tailored to the specific audience served, with a primary focus on educators, military personnel, trauma survivors, corporate settings, prison populations, the terminally ill, and those suffering from addiction.

YOMEI offers individual services such as one-on-one and small group yoga and mindfulness sessions. Visit YOMEI_You for more information. 

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Yoga is a mindful movement practice that includes stretching, strengthening, and breathing exercises that helps to connect the mind, body and spirit. With regular yoga practice, the natural skills of attention, awareness, and concentration are balanced. Yoga aims to develop energy flow through the body allowing us to better deal with the daily realities and challenges. Overall, yoga helps us to maintain inner balance and stability creating a place of Zen for our physical and spiritual beings.

·      Helps you focus

·      Relieves Anxiety

·      Builds awareness for   


·       Helps you serve others

·       Encourages self-care

·       Decrease Stress

·       Improves Quality of Life

·       Gives you peace of mind

·       Increases your self-esteem

·       Gives you inner strength

·       Fights Depression

·       Reduce Chronic Pain

·       Promote Sleep Quality

·       Drops your blood pressure

·       Regulates your adrenal glands

·       Maintains your nervous system

·       Boosts your immune system functionality

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